What you have to know about us

Fact One

Our priorities in breeding are: health, temper & beauty. Precisely in that order.

Fact Two

Health & well being of our cats & kittens is our absolute priority number 1

Fact Three

All our breeding cats are free of GSD IV, PK Def and repeatedly tested normal for HCM, PKD/CIN & felv-fiv

Fact Four

Besides health, is purring temper & good sozialisation of our cats & kittens another of our priorities

Fact Five

Besides being very very successful on the show bench all over Europe, our cats & kittens have conquered the 5 continents of the world.

Fact Six

Titran’s = 20 years experience of breeding cats & strong educational background as Pawpeds courses G1, G2 & G3 as well as the Dutch diploma “Fokken Honden & Katten” which is mandatory for all breeders.


It’s important for you to know, that we will be available during the entire life of your kitten in case you will need some advice or help.

We like to share with you our experience that we have built up in 20 years of breeding .

Your kitten will come not only with its food it is used to, for the first 2 weeks but also with a big bucket full of toys and treads. Fifé/Felikat pedigree, EU-passport with proof of vaccination shots & recent healthcertificate as well as ID chip & the Titran’s information sheet make the package complete.

It’s important to us to meet you and be able to see if there is a good match between our kittens and you and between you and us.

You should know


The kitten has not found a new home yet.

Under option

This means there is interest shown but no final decision has been taken yet. That kitten can therefore come available again later. Usually options are valid until the kitten gets two months old.


The kitten is reserved, contract is signed & reservation fee paid.


Full payment has been received & the kitten will soon leave or has left our cattery.

And even more

If you’re looking for more pictures of our cats & kittens, please visit our Flickr photosite


The best way to trace a specific cat or kitten is to use the search file above in the right corner.

Type the name of the cat or kitten in that box and you’ll probably find dozens of HQ-pictures.

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