On this page, you’ll find our retired breeding cats, who have had some offspring in our cattery and who you can find back in the pedigrees of our actual breeding cats. Of course after 12 years of breeding, some of our beloved neuters are living happily with us, but not all of them do. It’s always so difficult to get separated from one of your dear cats you have been sharing the life with for some years but the re-homing of neutered cats can become necessary for various reasons.

It happens quite often after being neutered, cats lose their place in the group and don’t get along that well anymore with other cats. It all starts with some fairly innocent conflicts, which will get more intense when time passes by. Then it’s, according to us, time to take decisions and  to act in the interest of the animal. Peace and harmony are essential in a cattery for the health and wellbeing of the cats, young & old. Thus it get  necessary, if no other method works, to get the dominant or the dominated or maybe, in the worth case, even both, out of the group to get back to a peaceful & quite surrounding. Happily, we faced that kind of situation only two times in all those years at Titran’s.

I would like to point out however that it not always has to come to conflicts. Sometimes, it just happens that a cat is not happy living in a group of cats, it then gets unhappy and stressed. This is also a situation, where we feel it’s more important to make a cat feel well than to realize the selfish dreams of a breeder.

Sometimes it happens that a neutered cat loses its feeling of satiety. As in a cattery there is always some food at disposal for the pregnant or lactating queens or at certain times of the years for the kittens, the neutered cat can get so overweighted, it’s not even capable anymore to keep itself clean. Here also the solution, for the best of the cat, can only be to find a loving new home for it, where it will get the appropriate food quantities to make sure it can have a healthy & happy life for many more years.

But sometimes it can also be necessary to re-home some cats because the group becomes too big and therefore disharmonic. Every breeder, who does a serious breeding job, getting thru very selective matings kittens who are type wise better than their parents and  who continues his breeding program with only the best of them, will encounter sooner or later the problem, that his cat group grows and gets over his capacities. From a serious breeder, you might expect at that stage  that he realizes when the limits of his capacities of time, space and money are reached. He then has to limit himself for the well being of his cats. Breeders who can’t or don’t want  to recognize that, will be forced sooner or later to stop breeding.  This is definitely a correct reasoning but which luckily has never been the reason of re-homing a cat at Titran’s.

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